Minor (6 courses)

  • One introductory course from among the ASCL 1: Thinking through Asia offerings
  • Two Interdisciplinary, Interregional, Transnational or Diaspora courses
    • note: Students can substitute an additional ASCL 1 for one of these requirements
    • note: ASCL 10.XX and 11.XX courses also fulfill this requirement
  • Three Discipline Specific courses

Language Minor (6 courses)

  • Six language courses beyond the first-year level 
    • note: Students can replace one language course with a course about language. Substitutions must be chosen from the following list of courses:
      CHIN 45.01 Introduction to Classical Chinese
      JAPN 45.01 Classical Japanese Grammar and Translation Workshop
      ASCL 60.19/LING 11.02 Languages of China
      ASCL 60.20 Languages and Scripts of Gender, Class, and Nation
      ASCL 70.25 Translating East Asian Languages: Theory and Practice

ASCL 10.XX and 11.XX courses count as IITD courses.
DS (Discipline Specific) courses are numbered in the 50s and 60s.
IITD (Interdisciplinary, Interregional, Transnational, Diaspora) courses are numbered in the 70s.
Advanced Seminars (which count as the culminating experience) are numbered in the 80s.


Last Updated 10/26/2023