Language Study


The study of Asian languages is a critical component of the ACLS program. Majors are required to complete at least two courses beyond the three-course introductory sequence. We encourage all majors to continue language study beyond this requirement to increase their competency in the language they choose. The ASCL program also offers a language minor for students who wish to focus exclusively on language acquisition.

Currently ASCL only offers Chinese and Japanese. We will soon add Korean and Hindi/Urdu and we are developing exchange programs for students seeking instruction in Southeast Asian languages.

Getting Started

We strongly encourage students considering the study of Asian languages to begin in the fall of their first year. The first courses of the three-course introductory language sequences are only offered in the fall quarter.

Placement Tests

Students with background in an Asian language who are planning to enroll in ASCL language courses or who wish to have the foreign language requirement waived must take a placement test to determine their fluency level. The written component of the test is generally offered in the Exam Center during orientation week. The oral/speaking component of the placement test follows the day after the written test.

For more information and the precise dates and times of the placement tests, please contact New Student Orientation.