Waseda Exchange Program

Program Overview

The Waseda Global Leadership Fellows Program is an exchange program quite unlike any of Dartmouth's off-campus options. Global Leadership Fellows selected from Dartmouth, Columbia, Berkeley, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, University of Washington, and Waseda University participate in a nine month program comprised of a seminar and a student-led forum focusing on issues related to the Asia Pacific region such as international relations, security, health, and environmental degradation.

The program includes a two-week field trip to Beijing where Global Leadership Fellows acquire China's perspective on the issues addressed in the seminar and forum. Global Leadership fellows have priority access to a range of internships and volunteer activities to further enhance the experiential learning aspects of the student-led forum.

In addition to the Global Leadership seminar and forum, students continue progress toward completion of their Dartmouth majors or minors by selecting courses from Waseda's curriculum. Waseda offers more than three hundred courses covering a wide array of disciplines and subjects in the social sciences and humanities all of which are taught in English.

Founded in 1882, Waseda University is considered one of Japan's most prestigious universities. Waseda is a private institution that consistently ranks among Japan's top national universities. With decades of experience and partnerships with universities around the world, Waseda's exchange programs are recognized for their innovative excellence. Waseda is located in the heart of Tokyo, giving students access to one of the world's most compelling urban environments.

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Financial Information

Tuition and service fees are paid to Dartmouth. The Global Leadership Program is the equivalent of three Dartmouth terms (nine credits). Waseda covers all travel and accommodations costs for the Beijing field trip.