Vietnam Program: "Developing Vietnam"

Basic Information

2024F Ho Chi Minh City Fall Term +


This multidisciplinary foreign study program explores development in contemporary Vietnam.  Students will study the remarkable social, economic and environmental changes that have transformed Vietnam since the 1980s.  Developing Vietnam is an interdisciplinary program that incorporates methods and perspectives from History, Environmental Studies, and Film and Literary Studies.  This FSP is based in Ho Chi Minh City, with field trips to the Mekong Delta and other sites in southern Vietnam.

Developing Vietnam is offered in a unique fall-winterim format.  Students admitted to this program will enroll in two courses.  The first is ASCL 70.22, a one-credit course that they will take in Hanover during September-November, as part of their regular fall term course load; the second is ASCL 59.04, a one-credit, three-week intensive course that will take place in Vietnam during the December 2024 winterim.  Both courses will count as fall term courses, even though they will be taken in sequence.

Developing Vietnam is a key component of Dartmouth's partnership with Fulbright University Vietnam, an independent liberal arts university in Ho Chi Minh City.  During the program, teams of Dartmouth and Fulbright students will collaborate to design and execute a research project on some aspect of development in Vietnam.  These projects will include field research conducted in Vietnam in December.

For more information, please visit the Guarini Institute website.

Also see the Developing Vietnam program website.

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Fall Term+ Tuition and Fees

Please note that the tuition and fees you pay to the college for the fall term will include the winterim course in Vietnam. There will be additional room and board costs billed to your student account associated with the Vietnam portion of the program. These fees, in addition to any estimated out of pocket expenses will be eligible for financial aid for those students who qualify. You can view a budget sheet for the program on the Guarini website.

Financial Aid

In order that all qualified Dartmouth undergraduate students may have the opportunity to take part in off-campus programs, the College endeavors to adjust its normal financial aid awards for students already receiving aid. Tuition and expected family contribution for Dartmouth's off-campus programs are the same as for an on-campus term. Assistance is available to meet extra costs associated with off-campus programs, including airfare. Half of any extra cost is met with additional Dartmouth scholarship; loan assistance is offered for the other half. Loan assistance is also offered to replace the employment that would normally be included in an on-campus term. Although financial aid recipients are given aid to cover all of the required costs of the program, students are responsible for purchasing their own plane ticket and, on some programs, meals. Often this means that part of the expected family contribution is used towards these costs rather than for tuition.