Yonsei Exchange Program

Program Overview

This is an undergraduate student exchange program with Underwood International College, Yonsei University. This program enables undergraduates from Dartmouth to take advantage of the unique academic and cultural opportunities offered by Yonsei University.

Yonsei University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in South Korea. Founded in 1885, it is located on a campus near the center of the capital city of Seoul, a dynamic and modern city of over 10 million residents. Underwood International College (UIC) at Yonsei University is the first four-year college in Korea to make English the language of instruction, providing an international undergraduate program with a full range of liberal arts majors across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. UIC seeks not only the top students in Korea, but attracts students from East Asia more broadly, allowing access to connections and lasting contact with students from the entire region. The UIC faculty has over 100 members, including Yonsei scholars with exemplary teaching and research experience abroad.

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Financial Information

Participating students will pay normal tuition and service fees to Dartmouth and room, board and related fees directly to Yonsei. Students are responsible for travel expenses (including visa fees). Students may be required to demonstrate sufficient funds to cover those expenses when applying for a visa. Travel arrangements will be the exclusive responsibility of each exchange student.

Financial aid is available for exchange programs, though students will receive no more scholarship assistance than they would have received for a term at Dartmouth. Any extra costs will be covered by increased loan.