Kanda Exchange Program

Program Overview

Kanda University of International Studies ("Kanda gaigo daigaku" / KUIS) invites students to enroll in their Japanese Language and Culture Program. Dartmouth has the option of sending one student for the full academic year or two students for one semester each. The curriculum is based on Japanese language training, but also includes some opportunities for Japan-related study in courses taught in English. Students selected for the exchange will receive nine transfer credits for a full academic year or four transfer credits for a single semester, with the approval of COCA.

Learn more about the program from the Guarini Institute.

Financial Information

Tuition and Fees

Students pay tuition and service fees to Dartmouth and either dormitory or apartment rent to KUIS. Travel and meals are arranged and financed by the student. Dartmouth students may be eligible for a small living stipend from KUIS.  Because the exchange is an official program sponsored by the College, the Dartmouth student does not need to pay the transfer term fee that the College charges to students who study on outside programs during leave terms. 

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for official exchange programs arranged through the College. Financial aid awards are adjusted to reflect the actual cost of the exchange term. However, students will receive no more scholarship assistance than they would have received for a term at Dartmouth. Any extra costs associated with the program will be covered by additional loan assistance.