Fall 2020 ASCL Open House for the Class of 2024

Welcomes the Class of 2024

Asian cultures have long and productive traditions in science and technology, arts and literature, politi¬cal philosophy, business and economics, religious beliefs and practices—traditions that have become dominant forces in the contemporary world. A basic knowledge of Asia is vital to Dartmouth students because Asia figures prominently in issues related to international law and human rights, the environment and global warming, economic development and migration, media and the arts, and technology. ASCL courses pres¬ent students with a range of methodologies used by Asia specialists from various fields and disciplines.

The ASCL program has thirty-three affiliated faculty members offering one hundred and forty courses, half of which are taught every academic year. ASCL offers two flexible majors and two minors that allow students to focus their study on a specific country or region of Asia. Students can also adopt a discipline specific approach to Asia and focus on Asian literatures, religions, histories, or visual cultures. ASCL offers foreign study and/or exchange programs in China, Japan, Korea, India and Vietnam.

ASCL's Open House for the Class of 2024

Wednesday, September 9 from 3:00-3:45 and 5:00-5:45

ASCL's open house for first-year students will take place in a suite of eight ZOOM meetings. 

  • Introduction to ASCL
               hosted by Professor Allen Hockley, Chair of ASCL
  • Chinese Language
               hosted by Professor Alan Li
  • Japanese Language
               hosted by Professor Mayumi Ishida
  • Chinese Studies
               hosted by Professor Levi Gibbs
  • Japanese Studies
               hosted by Professor Steve Ericson
  • Korean Studies
               hosted by Professors Soyoung Suh and Sunglim Kim
  • South Asian Studies
               hosted by Professor Douglas Haynes
  • Southeast Asian Studies
               hosted by Professor Edward Miller

We encourage students to drop into any meeting that matches your interests.

Accessing ASCL's ZOOM meetings

Visit the Introduction to ASCL meeting for general information about the program. Zoom meeting numbers and access codes will be available on the Orientation Canvas site shortly before the orientation sessions begin.

ASCL will offer the following courses in the Fall 2020 term

Click course title for syllabus/poster.